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School Farms is a rural community-based school feeding support programme that empowers local community schools to grow their own food whilst creating a space to help students gain agricultural entrepreneurial skills and explore opportunities in Agriculture. It recognizes the link between education, nutrition and skill development and is improving access to all.

The School Farms programme has auxiliary projects that help it achieve its vision. They are Agriculture Skills Development Project, Best Student Farmer Award, ASIVIME (Agribusiness subsidiary), and AgroMentoring Initiative.

The success of this project will contribute to Achieving Zero Hunger (SDG2), Reducing Inequality (SDG10) by promoting access to opportunities to gain agricultural skills, promote access to Quality Education (SDG4) and promote good health and well-being (SDG3).

School Farms is the flagship programme of Reach Out to Future Leaders Movement (ROFLM), a registered youth-led community development-based non-profit organization in Ghana with Organization Registration Number: CG040722013. ROFLM seeks to provide a space for young people to be empowered, educated and engaged for local development activities. ROFLM adopts a community-based grassroots approach in collaborating with young people as change agents in their respective communities.   Our primary focus is in Civic Engagement, Community Development and Local Leadership Development.

Meet Our Team

Alfred Adjabeng

I am the founding executive director of Reach Out to Future Leaders Movement (ROFLM), a community-development-based organisation that is responsible for ensuring that young people are educated, empowered and engaged for local development in Ghana.

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